How to Start a Window Cleaning Business?

Starting a window cleaning business is not as difficult as it looks. Sure, you’ll need to have some basic business sense and the funds necessary to buy your first pieces of equipment, but starting it is rather simple when you know what you’re doing.

One great thing about starting a window cleaning business is that it’s a low risk investment. You can start your own window cleaning business for under 200$. All you need to start are a few pieces of equipment such as a window brush and a squeegee of course, pails, a good ladder, heavy duty towels, a telescopic brush handle, good soap and a chamois.

It’s very important to go with a distinctive and descriptive name for your business. You want people to know what you’re about just by looking at your name. You also have to make sure that you treat your first customers with utmost respect. Return their calls as soon as possible and act as professionally as you can so they’ll hopefully refer you to other prospective customers.

It’s also very important that you respect your appointments and that you arrive on time. There’s nothing more annoying than a service provider that doesn’t respect your time. You also have to make sure that you respect the time you agreed upon for completion of the job unless your clients agrees to extend the time.

It’s very important that you systemize your whole operation so that you’ll be able to improve your efficiency. Having a clear modus operandi for all your jobs will help you keep track of everything that needs to be done without missing a beat.

You have to stay in touch with the latest developments in the window cleaning business if you don’t want to be left behind. You can join professional window cleaning associations or even watch videos online that can help you learn better window cleaning techniques.

It’s always better to have a phone line dedicated solely to your window cleaning business. Not only does it look more professional, but it also helps you organize your operations better. It’s very important that you keep a clear schedule, may it be on a computer application or on a well organized day planner.

You don’t need a license to start a window cleaning business, but you still have to make sure that you’ve submitted all the required documents to lawfully establish your business in your state. It’s also essential that you get sufficient liability insurance in case one of your clients decides to file a suit against you.

To know how much you should charge your clients, you should call some of your competitors and see how much they’re charging. This will give you an idea of how much you should charge in order to stay competitive.

To make your business known in your area, it’s always best to start with your immediate surroundings. Start sending out flyers and visit local businesses to advertise your services. Distribute as much business cards as you can and think about spending a few dollars on an ad in your local newspaper.

A window cleaning business can easily be managed from your home at first. Chances are you won’t have enough money to move into an office soon, so use your home to store supplies and organize your operations at first until you get enough funds to move up.

As you begin building up your own clientele, you might think about hiring help. But you have to be prepared to start small at first and do most of the work yourself before you start thinking about hiring people.

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