How to Start a Window Cleaning Business?

Starting a window cleaning business is not as difficult as it looks. Sure, you’ll need to have some basic business sense and the funds necessary to buy your first pieces of equipment, but starting it is rather simple when you know what you’re doing.

One great thing about starting a window cleaning business is that it’s a low risk investment. You can start your own window cleaning business for under 200$. All you need to start are a few pieces of equipment such as a window brush and a squeegee of course, pails, a good ladder, heavy duty towels, a telescopic brush handle, good soap and a chamois.

It’s very important to go with a distinctive and descriptive name for your business. You want people to know what you’re about just by looking at your name. You also have to make sure that you treat your first customers with utmost respect. Return their calls as soon as possible and act as professionally as you can so they’ll hopefully refer you to other prospective customers.
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