Don’t Use Excess Amounts of Cleaning Supplies

Did you know that some ingredients in cleaning products can also act as fertilizers? When you pour cleaning supplies down the drain those chemicals eventually get into water, they facilitate algae growth that causes problems. Algae tie up the oxygen diluted in the water causing some fish to suffocate. Don’t use excess amounts of cleaning supplies. Use just enough to do the cleaning, do not contribute to pollution.

Carpet Cleaning and Drying After Water Damage

Do-it-Yourself Carpet Cleaning and Drying After Water Damage
Water and moisture is the enemy of carpets and should be taken care of immediately. If you notice the water damage in your carpet quickly enough, you’ll be able to take care of it yourself. In doing so, this will save you time and money.

If you don’t get rid of the moisture in your carpet quickly, it can lead to the growth of mold, mildew, and other microorganisms that can cause disgusting odors. Just 48 hours after a flood, mold and mildew will begin to grow on the affected areas, leading to possible health problems for occupants. In the end, it will leave your carpet looking and smelling horrible. Once your carpet is ruined by the growths and smells, you’ll need to replace it, costing you money that could have been saved if taken care of in a timely manner.
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Machine Wash a Plastic or Vinyl Shower Curtain

When washing a plastic or vinyl shower curtain, it is important to use the gentle cycle and warm rather than cold water. Otherwise the shower curtain can get torn or cracked. Cold water makes vinyl stiffen up, so it damages more easily. Warm water makes it flexible and elastic.
Put a few towels or rugs together with your curtain and add a half cup of detergent and the same amount of bleach. Adding rugs creates a “scrubbing action” on the surface of a shower curtain which helps to remove the contamination much more effectively.
This method will help you to get rid of mold, mildew, soap scum, and even hard water spots on your shower curtain. Once the washing machine has completed its full cycle – your shower curtain is ready to come out like new!

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