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How to Remove Mold and Mildew Stains From Polyester Shower Curtains

Oftentimes, shower curtains come in different material, make and type – polyester being one of the most common. Given that shower curtains are in constant contact with water, they are predisposed to get stained, whether as a result of mold build up or due to mineral deposits that come from hard water. Polyester materials need special maintenance and care as they are made from delicate petroleum based fibers that may melt if exposed to extreme temperatures.

Shower curtains serves a variety of purposes in the bathroom, for example preventing water from splashing out when you are taking your shower, thus they become a breeding ground for the harmful as well as difficult to remove mold and mildew. Mildew is a kind of a mold that develops in dump environments, for instance on the frequently wet shower curtains. When mold spores, which more or less are always found in the air, land on humid surfaces, they instantly start to grow.
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Why Hire a Professional Window Cleaner?

Who has the time to clean their windows really? There are so many other things that you could do on a beautiful Saturday afternoon rather then spending hours cleaning your windows. You could take your dog for a walk, catch an interesting TV show, watch a movie with your friends or go shopping. Window washing surely isn’t the most glamorous way to spend your summer afternoon. Moreover, not everybody has the skills to clean their windows like a pro. That’s why you should hire one.

Traditional window cleaning using rags and sprays may leave streaks on your windows. This is because glass is made of microscopic pores and cracks invisible to the naked eye. When you use rags to clean your window, the rag becomes wetter and wetter as you go on and leaves different amounts of chemicals and moisture all over the glass. This will result in an uneven reflection in direct sunlight which gives that streaky effect we all dread.
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How to Start a Window Cleaning Business?

Starting a window cleaning business is not as difficult as it looks. Sure, you’ll need to have some basic business sense and the funds necessary to buy your first pieces of equipment, but starting it is rather simple when you know what you’re doing.

One great thing about starting a window cleaning business is that it’s a low risk investment. You can start your own window cleaning business for under 200$. All you need to start are a few pieces of equipment such as a window brush and a squeegee of course, pails, a good ladder, heavy duty towels, a telescopic brush handle, good soap and a chamois.

It’s very important to go with a distinctive and descriptive name for your business. You want people to know what you’re about just by looking at your name. You also have to make sure that you treat your first customers with utmost respect. Return their calls as soon as possible and act as professionally as you can so they’ll hopefully refer you to other prospective customers.
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How to Choose a Window Cleaner

If you are looking for a good window cleaning service, it is very important that you consider a few things first. Before you hire the first team you come across, there are some important questions that you need to ask to make sure that you get the best service possible. In this article, I will discuss how to find the best window cleaning crew possible.

First of all, you have to make sure that the company you are considering carries full liability insurance. If they don’t, you might be held responsible for any accident that happens during their intervention, even if they are the cause. If the company you’re considering refuses or tries to avoid discussing insurance, run away! Any respectable company will be more than happy to disclose all the details of their insurance policy.
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